Gift the Shift,
Inspire a Moment

What better gift could you give than lower anxiety, less stress, and a better connection to the present moment?

Gift the Shift

What if a simple gift could lower the anxiety and stress of a loved one?

Is there someone in your life who needs a moment? Aren’t we all in need of a minute to reset and reconnect this time of year? Let’s take back the holidays.

Gift the ShiftGift the Shift

How the Shift helps breathe better naturally

How the Shift helps you breathe better naturally

The secret to better breathing, and why the Shift is such a simple and effective tool, is because it slows your exhale.


Exhale through
the Shift


Who do you know that needs a moment?

Is there any better gift than a moment to reflect and connect to truly enjoy the moment we’ve been missing? How can you inspire your friends and family to take a moment?

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“Helps flip the calm switch in my brain and makes me focus.”

Take back the holidays

Take back the holidays

All it takes is one person. It could be you. All you have to do is raise a hand. And now, right now. Before we all get swept up in the chaos that always accompanies the holidays. Now is the perfect time.
Call your loved one right now.

Raise that hand and say:
“Let’s take back the holidays. I’m going to send you something. Let me know when it gets there. I’ve got an idea.”

Gift the Shift

How the Shift works?

The Shift is designed to slow down your exhale, which is the little known secret to better breathing. When you slow down your exhale, you...

Slow down your heartbeat

Decrease your stress hormone

Decrease your blood pressure

Loosen up your

30-day challenge

Start reducing stress and anxiety immediately

Now that you've gathered your friends and family, the real work begins. We're going to take back the holidays one day at a time.

Simple & Effective Breathing Exercise: Slowly inhale for 5 seconds. Slowly exhale for 5 seconds. Do this for 2 minutes, every day, for the next 30 days.