A Simple Non-Addictive Tool To Quit
We have helped our audience quit with our breathing tool. Read their quit journeys and reviews below.
So you want to kick nicotine?
We built this resource to help you quit nicotine and develop healthier habits. Here you'll find nicotine cessation tips and strategies and long-term inspiration to help you quit today. Reduce anxiety and free yourself from the ill-effects of stress and nicotine with the Shift and Komuso.
Learn more about the Shift
Learn more about the Shift
But don’t just take our word for it.
Need more proof?
Kicked nicotine!
Ordered the Shift the morning I decided to quit my Juul habit (one pod per day). The Shift wouldn’t arrive until 3 days. The first two days were difficult. I chewed on toothpicks and straws to replace the physical motion of the Juul but it did nothing for the physical effects of withdrawal. I was ready to give up. Then the Shift arrived. Not only does it substitute the physical movement of using the Juul (which is key for replacing bad habits), the breathing technique it promotes addresses the momentary anxiety you experience during withdrawal. It’s been the perfect replacement for the Juul. It’s been two weeks since I last used a Juul and I owe it all to the Shift. Thank you so much!
Verified customer
Need more proof?
What is the Shift?
Originally designed to combat stress, reduce anxiety, and elevate our mood, the Komuso community has used the Shift to inspire all kinds of amazing changes in their lives, many of them using it to quit the unhealthy habits that come with nicotine use.
Quit with the Shift
Quit with the Shift
Quit smoking and vaping
Best way to quit nicotine long term? Find the why.
Click through the answers below to find your why and begin your quit journey today.
1. When are you?
I’m in my teens and worried about everything and nicotine helps me with my anxiety.
I’m in my teens and everyone around me uses nicotine, so I just kind of picked it up.
I’m in my 20’s and worried about the long-term impact of nicotine use.
I’m in my 30s and feeling the impact of my addiction to nicotine.
I’m in my 40s and I’m worried I might be have a lifelong habit.
2. Who are you?
I’m an athlete and nicotine is holding me back.
I’m a student and nicotine helps me focus when I have a test or need to get a ton of work done.
I’m a dad. I want to be around as long as possible for my kids and set a better example for them.
I’m a mom. There’s so much to get done, sometimes I just need a moment to myself and nicotine provides that.
I’m a parent and when life gets stressful, the nicotine helps me calm down and refocus.
I feel great. I actually really like smoking or vaping. And yet, here I am, on this page.
3. Where are you?
I’m living at home with my parents.
I’m out on my own for the first time and struggling to find solid ground.
I live with roommates, friends, and yet, I feel isolated.
I’m living with my family, partner and parent, and this is a lot of weight.
I’m working a ton and the nicotine is the only thing that gets me up and provides a break in my day.
4. How are you?
I’m embarrassed by my nicotine habit.
I actually feel pretty good. But I’m curious. Would a nicotine-free life be even better?
At first, smoking or vaping provided relief and reduced anxiety. Now it only makes it worse.
I feel trapped by my habit, but don’t know how to quit.
I’ve tried and just don’t think it is possible.
How to break the nicotine routine.
Once you have the why, we need to focus on the how. The habit is easier to break with a plan and the right tools to help you replace the routine.
Shift Your Routine
What’s your habitual downfall?
The drag you take with your
second cup of coffee.
The hit you take while walking
the dog or talking on the phone.
The end of the day I just want
to chill drag.
The wow-that-was-a-stressful-conversation-and-I-need-to-clear-my-head drag
The buzzed-up-feeling-good-what's-one-hit-going-to-hurt drag
Shift your routine
Shift your routine
Your addiction is based on science.
We fight fire with fire.
The Komuso 30 Day Program uses the science of a Stanford based breathing technique and neuroplasticty to reprogram your brain. Learn how you can flip the habit within 30 Days.
See the program
See the program
See the program
Need a little support?
Visit our community online and ask for some advice, tips, and resources. We have a huge audience with successful stories about their nicotine quit journeys.
Join the community
Join the community
Join the community
Jen Cibolo
I suffer from very bad anxiety and even the times I don't force myself to stop and use my shift or don't feel comfortable around strangers just knowing it is there calms me down. I wear my shift everyday and have even gotten one for my mom who wears hers everyday.
Verified customer
Feb 26, 2020
When my and my son's Shift came, at first we were leery of how simple the product actually is. But we quickly became obsessed with using it correctly, perfecting our exhale, and comparing notes with each other. It works for us! Mom 47 y/o and son 18 y/o.
Verified customer
Jan 12, 2021
Maray Ayres
I LOVE the Shift. Having it around my neck reminds me to do the breathing as a means of relaxing and staying so much calmer. I am an A personality and also have hypertension so this is so perfect for people like me. Very grateful.
Verified customer
Jan 24, 2021
Kupono Taniyma
Honolulu, US
“I got this to see if this would help my friend stop smoking. It really worked. They do not feel the need to smoke anymore.”
Verified customer
Oct 17, 2020
Seattle, US
“It's kinda pricey, but it really does work help slow down your breath. It also kinda helps with quitting smoking cigarettes by calming you down and satisfying that oral fixation that comes with smoking.”
Verified customer
Apr 15, 2020
Wesley Sliger
Houston, US
“This has literally changed the game of life. I quit smoking not long ago and this was the perfect thing to zen me out when I get stressed or anxious. Like this thing has made it so much easier with the help of Komuso! So go ahead, make the shift. Experience peace.”
Verified customer
Apr 14, 2020
Mary Rapp
Calhou, US
“The shift not only brought calm back into my life but I've also been able to quit smoking ! I smoked for 15+ years and it's been a little over a month now since I've been able to stop!! I definitely feel blessed to have this little thing in my life!!”
Verified customer
Mar 19, 2020
Joe Shmo
Brooklyn, US
“Got it for girlfriend as a holiday gift. She loves it both as jewelry and an instrument to center herself when anxious. She smokes a lot of spliffs throughout the day especially when studying, and since this gives her a similar oral fixation she says it reduces how many she smokes (doubt it). Great buy!”
Verified customer
Dec 30, 2019
Anna Carroll
Eugene, US
“So yeah, I love this thing. It’s really helping me quit smoking and brings a tangible anchor to my meditation practice with me everywhere I go. Fabulous little anti-anxiety tool!”
Verified customer
Jun 15, 2019
Angela Perrin
New Orleans, US
“I purchased this in attempt to calm my constant anxiety and I saw some people said it helped with quitting or curbing smoking. It's nice as a talisman and to remind myself to take some deep breaths. Time will tell.”
Verified customer
Apr 30, 2020
James Olliges
Los Angeles, US
“it really does help. i find it to be the anti-cigarette...something i call on to calm me down, but something that is actually healthy and works!”
Verified customer
May 12, 2020
Devin Sanders
Lake Charles, US
“I use them both for different outfits but I’m already very attached to the necklace. I use it multiple times a day and it helped me stop smoking bc of the hand to mouth motion for using it. I even use it when I’m not anxious bc it helps me be entertained fore i have nervous habits”
Verified customer
Jun 22, 2020
Katie Kawiecki
Indianapolis, US
“I love my shift! It’s helping me nix my embarrassing vaping habit.”
Verified customer
Jun 30, 2021
Larry Czikra
Clifton, US
“I can’t believe that something this simple can calm me down and bring me back to the moment. I have it on all the time. I didn’t give it 5 stars simply for the fact that the “matte” color started to come off and the chain has turned my neck blue 3 times. I finally found and old piece of leather and now just wear it on that. That is very minute. It
Verified customer
Sep 16, 2019
Why you need to share your decision to quit nicotine.
Studies show that when you socialize your desire and efforts to change a habit, those changes are not only likely to become permanent, they become inspiration for your entire community. Makes sense, right? We’re social beings, thus we respond to social cues.
Share your journey. Write a review.
We have some amazing stories about how our audience has quit, in part because of the Shift. After you've started your journey, or once you've finally quit, be sure to pay it forward and leave a review. Come back, take a moment to share your success, offer some advice, and help more people like you quit vaping or smoking.
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